Niger Delta Avengers Break Up, Faction Makes Shocking Move

Indications have emerged that there is trouble within the Niger Delta militant group, Niger Delta Avenger’s camp as a breakaway faction of the group identified as Reformed Niger Delta Avengers, RNDA, has threatened to expose the militant group’s sponsors.The breakaway faction according to claims emerged yesterday with threat to the Avengers group. The RNDA ordered that the militant group stop its continued attack on oil installations in the country.

In a statement released by Cynthia White on behalf of the RNDA, the group said: “Permit us to begin by introducing the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA), a breakaway faction of the Niger Delta Avengers.”

The RNDA in the statement released last night said: “A majority of us in consideration of the recent personal appeal by His Excellency, former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the peace efforts and initiative of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) and the feeling of guilt over the damage being effected on our environment.

“And at the same time, the government of President Buhari has exhibited political will and backing words with action to clean up the environment, we have decided to join the MEND Aaron Team 2 peace initiative through the clearing house of Niger Delta Dialogue and Contact Group (NDDCG) headed by HRH King Alfred Diette-Spiff,”.

It added: “We will also cooperate with the government by exposing the identities of our comrades, who remain stubborn in their insistence to continue attacks. For example, it will shock the nation to know the Jekyll and Hyde personality behind the pseudonym ‘Brigadier General Murdoch Agbinibo’ and our sponsors.

“We also use this opportunity to call on the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, to take advantage of the olive branch concession secured by MEND and renounce the Biafra question which is an anachronism.

“Those advising Mr. Nnamdi Kanu to do otherwise neither love him nor appreciate the level of treason this simple act of common sense and humility can extricate him from,” the new group pointed out.

“The Niger Delta will no longer be your proxy war to achieve your ambition. To our comrades in the NDA, we urge you to stop being defiant and embrace peace and the wise counsel we all received from former President Jonathan.”


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