Northern youths threaten showdown with ‘anti-Buhari’ campaigners

Northern youth under the auspices of Northern Youth Leaders Assembly, have threatened not to tolerate any further attack on the image of President Muhammadu Buhari, who according to them has done so much to put the nation on the path to progress.

The group which made this threat in a communiqué co-signed by its Chairman, Communique Drafting Committee, Yakubu Danlami and Secretary, Kwuanu Terrence, said it will no longer tolerate any insults to the family and members of the president cabinet threatening to mobilize “resources to take on anyone who think they can use their image as a chess pawn in the game playing out in the media”.
“We warn that the north will no longer tolerate any further attack on the image, family and character of President Muhammadu Buhari in his quest to make Nigeria a better place for all. We take particular exception to our Service Chiefs, security personnel and their families being harassed needlessly and we will not hesitate to mobilize our resources to take on anyone who think they can use their image as a chess pawn in the game playing out in the media,” they warned.
According to them, political and public office holders are being demonised and criminalised on account of what they stand for, while adding that the height of this is the rebirth of separatist movements and militant groups in the southern part of the country to harass the Buhari Presidency.
They said, some of those behind these aberrations have openly declared that they are doing it to express their ethnic discontent, acknowledging that this does not bode well for the country as the concept of a one Nigeria.
Meanwhile the youth have set up a media team responsible for countering propaganda against the north which according to them, will regularly highlight the President’s contributions to Nigeria’s democracy.


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