NCAA receives 2,133 complaints in six months

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority received a total of 2,133 complaints from both domestic and international air passengers between January and June 2016, statistics from its Consumer Protection Department have indicated.A document issued by the department and obtained on Monday by the press in Lagos showed that the NCAA received 2,091 complaints from passengers flying international routes and 42 from those on domestic routes.

According to the document, Turkish Airlines recorded the highest number of complaints with 431 cases, while Air France recorded 372 complaints.

This was followed by Ethiopia Air and Emirates Airlines which recorded 214 and 213 complaints respectively.

It indicated that 1,800 of such cases were successfully resolved with compensation paid by airlines to the affected passengers during the period under review.

Sam Adurogboye, the General Manager, Public Relations of NCAA, said the regulatory agency was committed towards the protection of the rights of passengers.


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