A cyber extremist with several social media accounts, identified as Ola Oguntimehin, Abon A. Akinlolu and, or, Oguntimehin Ola on Facebook is currently on a spree of assassinating the character of well-meaning Nigerians, blackmailing them with the intention of extorting money from them and extreme use of several Facebook accounts to dupe people. 
The identity of his or her accounts is not clear. The accounts use photos of different people or animals to convince his readers to accept his requests and where his/her target individual refuse to give in to his/her demands s/he resorts blackmail to put pressure on them.

The accounts which surfaced in 2016 is known to send private messages to people in order to gain their trusts. It sends highly emotive messages to readers, collects their photos, edits them to suit its fantasies and then publish them. The Cyber-extemist network is currently tracing the origin of the accounts and warns members of the public to beware of the kind of requests they accept on Facebook and the kind of group or thread they chat. 


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