Class meets Sophistication as Rose weds Jerry

By IIHIDERO Victor Osae, Zaria 
No.  It was not a political rally neither was it a crusade that brought the creme de la creme out of their natural habitat.  It was the connubial solemnity between a god and a goddess, a king-priest and aking-priestess.  Little wonder royal white, mint green and combinations of flowery orange calmed that sunny Saturday afternoon when Roseline Omeneke Otori finally says ‘I do’ to Jerry Dock Ezekiel.

Indeed, if the words ‘beauty’  and ‘kingly’  had a face, that singular face would be Roseline and Jerry’s as their personality filled the very splendour that Pope John Paul II auditorium otherwise known as Blue Roof. The newly-wedded were never deficient in penning exciting adept steps to consummate their conjugal bliss. Whilst special guests, friends and well-wishers cheered the cotillion of  husband and wife, their minds, as the body lingo of Jerry suggested, was on something else behind closed doors. 

Our prayers? May all the good things and blessings that comes with marriage sits comfortably in the house of the Docks. 


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