Computer Training For Kaduna Civil Servants Kicks Off With Inexperienced Trainers

The compulsory computer training for Kaduna State civil servants kicked off with participants having more experience than the trainers.
Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic Zaria Centre is one of the areas in Zone One where States’ civil servants are expected to be trained.
New Nigerian Newspapers’ correspondent who was at the venue of the training reports that the venue for was too small to contain the participants as the atmosphere was not conducive for learning.
The training, according to NNN, kick started with all indications that the consulting firm as well as its facilitators are not a well trained computer experts as there were neither computers to demonstrate what is being taught nor projector to guide the participants on how to operate the computer.
Even the public address system used to disseminate the lecture had very low volume which left participants sitting at the  back of the hall blank.
The participants complained and questioned the state government on why they should pay N2,000.00 for handouts and certificate since they were civil servants yet getting to learn nothing from the exercise. They lamented that the trainers did not provide training kits and manuals but yet they were asking for money for handouts and certificates.
“What we want to know is that, is it the Kaduna State government that asked them to collect money from us?” They asked


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