Job Scarcity Responsible For Decay In Education Sector – Bishop Kukah

​The catholic Bishop of Sokoto Dioceses, Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah said that aside the numerous factors that are responsible for the fallen standard of education in Nigeria lately, the inability of the educated to get job remain more prominent.The Bishop who spoke in Sokoto over the weekend during the annual speech and prize giving day of the Holy Family School, maintained that schools are proven unifying factor for every society.

According to him, pupils who are in a particular class in the same school see themselves as brothers and sisters irrespective of cultural, religious or social difference.
“These children doesn’t even see themselves as boys and girls rather they see themselves as pupils or students in one classroom. And that is what our vision for Nigeria should be like”.
Comparing the nation’s current standard of education to the olden days, Bishop Kukah said, “Understandly, our children are losing interest in education because they are of the view that what is the need going to school when you cannot even get a job.”
While reiterating the need for old boys association in every school, Bishop Kukah said, aside facilitating the needed platform for keeping track of students who graduated from a particular school, such union could be of immense contribution to the school at the long run.
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